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White Wine Prices in Kenya

Why Should You Go For White Wine?

Having an exotic and refreshing wine creates sweet memories, especially in the company of friends. A beverage like white wine would activate your mood since it is smooth, catchy, and elegant. Still, the optical reflection created by the golden wine and its crystal glass would cultivate a tranquil aura.

Unlike red wine, white wine is made from white grapes. These grapes are pondered to collect a juice with no Grapes skin or other solid impurities. Still, you can make white wine with black grapes, provided the winemaker ensures the wine has no contact with the grape skins.

If you have tasted both white and red wine, you will realize that red wine has some sort of bitterness, in a good way though. That is because of the beverage's tannin element from the grape's skin.

How Does White Wine Taste

White wine displays a balanced sweet, sour, and sharp palate taste. However, the wines vary in taste because you will find both sweet and dry white wine styles. But to know the exact taste of white wine, it would help to consider the following aspects of taste. They include:

1.      Acidity

Acidity influences the sourness or bitterness of a liquid. White wine has a lower pH level than red wine, making it have a higher acidity level. Therefore, the hint of a sour and citric taste in a white wine comes because it is acidic.

2.      Flavors

Flavors are the tastes that a winemaker adds or those appearing naturally from the terroir. Some flavors can be fruits or spices like oak or honey. Fruit flavors include:

  • Citrus fruit like lemon, lime, or orange
  • Stone fruit: includes peach, apple, or pear
  • Tropical fruit: pineapple, mango, or passion


3.      Texture

Is white wine creamy or watery? Most white wines that possess lots of flavors are oily or creamy. The acidity level of white wine also contributes to that thick texture. You can always know the texture of the liquid in two ways. One is by feeling the beverage with your tongue. Secondly, you can see the viscosity of the liquid when flowing.

4.      Aroma

This term means how the wine smells as you drink it. Since the liquid has flavors of fruits and honey, you can feel the fruity and floral aromas of white wine. Other herbal spices added to the wine instill herbaceous aromas.

How to Find the Best Tasting White Wine

Since the flavors, aromas, and taste of white wine varies from different brands; it would help to taste their samples. That helps you to make a wise decision in buying a satisfactory product. The following are some ways you can sample the drinks.

1.      Blind tasting 

It is a random tasting of wine samples without specific formula for sampling the wines. Always have a variety of white wines on the table and pick any without considering its brand name. When you taste all drinks, you will feel and compare the different tastes of the brands.

2.      Horizontal testing

Here, you test similar vintage wines but from different winemakers. Therefore, you will know how each wine brand fairs in making the wine and who should you buy from.

3.      Vertical testing

Different vintages of white wines influence how the liquid taste. So, how best can you compare them if not vertical testing? Vertical testing helps you analyze how different vintages fair. Therefore, plan to taste beverages from the earliest vintages to the latest vintage and confirm their taste. That way, you will know the better vintage.

At Thirsty Oak, we have the best white wines brands. Buy your favorite wine that you identified during a winetasting, or buy a few bottles to try out and find one that pleases you most.

White Wine Types and Brands in Kenya

It would help to know white wine brands because they are numerous and confusing. Classifying different white wine types can be challenging. Probably because of the numerous features each type has. For instance, you can classify white wines according to their styles into white dry wines, white sweet wines, medium sweet, sparkling whites, and more. The popular categorization is by grapes. Here are the popular white wine types in Kenya categorized by grape types:

  • Chardonnay
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Chenin Blanc
  • Pinot Gris
  • Pinot Grigio
  • Chenin Blanc
  • Moscato
  • Riesling

Generally, white wine prices in Kenya are fairly affordable, although you will find some expensive white wine brands too. You can find and compare the prices of these brands by searching about the best white wines in Kenya and their prices, or simply visit our online wine shop and see the wine prices. We offer wine delivery services in Karen.

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