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Sweet White Wine Prices in Karen

About Sweet White Wines

Drinking a chilled white sweet wine makes you feel home sweet home. The wine can be important if you want to restore energy after vigorous work. Also, in clubs or hotels, this type of wine serves as a cocktail to spirits and pairs with salty and sour foods.

White sweet wine is a white wine that displays a smooth, crisp and sweet taste. The wine also has fruity and floral notes, which balance the drink's acidity. However, sweet white wine like Gewurztraminer has a trace of tannin. Tannin is responsible for making drinks bitter.

How Is Sweet White Wine Different From Dry One?

Winemakers primarily produce white wines by reducing their contact with the grape's skins and seeds. Sweet white wines have residual sugar that nourishes their taste. On the other hand, the dry content has its grapes fully converted to ethanol.

Factors That Affect the Sweetness of This Wine

The sweetness of white sweet wine can change depending on the following conditions. They include

  • The grape variety- some varieties possess less sugar and others higher content of sugar. For instance, a Muscat grape makes great white sweet wine. Hence, you can treat yourself to an Italian Moscato and enjoy a sweet, delicious, and fruity experience.

  • Climatic conditions- the white grapes have tastes depending on the climate of an area. If the area is cold, the tasting of the groups would be dry or sour. In contrast, a high temperature encourages enzymes to catalyze the sugar in grapes.

  • Harvesting of grapes - Winemakers harvest ripe grapes because they know the berries have sufficient sugar. However, winemakers avoid overripe grapes because they can influence a sour taste in wines.

Do The Terms Sweetness And Fruitiness Mean The Same Thing?

Most people confuse the word fruitiness and sweetness and use them interchangeably. However, these terms contrast because it's not a must for a fruity substance to be sweet. If you doubt that, think of citric flavors. Aren't they sour or bitter?

Pairing White Sweet Wine with Food

Since this wine is sweet, you can pair it with sour or bitter foods. Examples of such foods include:

  • Bitter foods-this wine neutralizes the bitterness of Riesling and sauerkraut
  • Salty foods- an icy white wine pairs well with almonds or cheese
  • Sour bites: vinegar foods has some acidity with a low PH. That low PH neutralizes the high PH of the white sweet wine.

Types of Sweet White Wine?

The types of white sweet wine involve the unfortified and the fortified. The following ways make the unfortified sweet wine:

  • Late harvesting- allows the grapes to build up more sugar under the sun
  • Eiswein method- winemakers, use this method to freeze the grapes with their vine and process grapes at -70 degrees Celsius. This procedure makes the grape water frozen, leaving a high sugar concentration. 
  • Straw mart- winemakers place the grapes on straw marts that allow enough air a good air circulation. The air stimulates the grapes to have raisin elements that contain concentrated sugar.

2. Fortifying wine is adding a neutral spirit (like brandy) with high alcohol to grape juice. The spirit triggers a halt in the fermentation of grapes, leaving residual sugar. Fortified wines usually have a high alcohol content, usually made in the same way as Port Wines.

Getting the best white sweet wine requires you to assess the quality and price of the product. The sweet white wine prices in Kenya vary because the brands are not of similar quality and style. Generally, sweet white wines are very affordable

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