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About Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wine production started in the 1600s from the vines cultivated by Pierre Perignon, a monk. He is recognized for his efforts in incorporating the Sparkling wines of the Limoux style into champagne before he died in 1715. He died before enjoying his fruits of hard work, as no commercial production had begun yet.

In 1729, the oldest Ruinart champagne house was set up before it began shipping bubbly in 1764. The style grew in popularity among the nobility of France and England which paved way for Moet and Chandon as the first European royal court first Purveyors. Madame Clicquot came up with a riddling process, aimed at removing yeast after secondary fermentation.

Sparkling wines contain substantial amounts of carbon dioxide, as evidenced by the bubbles they form. The carbon dioxide content of these wines gives them their sparkling quality. Given that they must go through two fermentations, these wines are more complicated and technical than other types of wine. The two fermentations are supposed to give them that outstanding flavor that makes them stand out among the many other varieties of wines.

Types of Sparkling wines

The Production of Sparkling Wine Sparkling wine must be made in a specific method to achieve the bubbles that we all know and love. This characteristic gives rise to different sparkling wines types each expressing different flavors and styles.

Depending on the grape used to make the wine, sparkling wines come in a variety of hues. They come in a variety of colors, including white, gold, and pink, with each type having its trick. Depending on the method of production, sparkling wines have a variety of tastes and flavors.

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Sparkling wine tasting notes

Citrus, apple, vanilla, toast, and nuttiness are common flavors in sparkling wine. Champagnes and sparkling wines of high grade and vintage tend to be creamier and toastier. Prosecco, a popular Italian sparkling wine, is lighter and fruitier.

Champagne, a well-known sparkling wine from France, has an almond flavor, as well as undertones of orange zest and white cherry. Wiggling it slowly on your tongue is the greatest way to obtain a sense of these flavors and the delightful effect sparkling wines have.

Serving Sparkling wines

Bubbly bottles such as Sparkling roses, prosecco, sparkling brut, and champagne should be chilled to 4-10 degrees celsius. The cool temperature is meant to prevent the unexpected popping upon opening due to carbon dioxide. Serve your favorite wine in long stems, tall, narrow, straight Champagne flutes to help bring out the wine aroma and maintain the fizz.

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