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Rose wine has a long history as a popular and frequently chosen style. There's reason to suppose that the first red wines resembled today's modern rosé more than what we conceive of as modern red wine. The pink tint of the color of the wine is linked with women and hence regarded as “women’s wine”.

While it is an ideal wine for both men and women, the view has shifted over time. The wine has gained popularity and is now a year-round beverage enjoyed by everyone. The old perception has changed and it is now no surprise to see a bunch of guys drinking the wine while watching football.

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Rose Winemaking Process

Rose wine is manufactured from red wines grapes. This explains the pink color of the rose wine, contributed only by the grapes' skin.

More efforts and concentration is directed to the extraction process, to obtain maximum intensity and color from the grape skins. The wine is fermented on the skins for a minimum of 18 days to achieve this.

Rose making in the vineyard

The grapes used to make rose wine are similar to those used to make the comparable red wine, with the exception that they are less mature. The sugar content of the grapes increases as the growing season draws close and this, in turn, decreases the acidity.

Higher sugar levels in grapes mean a higher alcohol percentage in the wine if the grapes are permitted to ferment to dryness. In a rose, sharp acidity is appreciated but in a red, the acidity competes forcefully with tannin. For these reasons, a less ripe grape is picked to make the wine.

Rose making in the winery

Traditional winemaking involves crushing and destemming red wines grapes in temporary storage or into a tank. A cloudy pink color is obtained at last as the skin color leech into the juice, a process called maceration. The rose is then allowed to ferment to help keep the fruity characteristics of the wine. 

Tasting Notes

Rose wine has a fruity fresh flavor like Grenache but with extra crispness and brightness, a characteristic obtained during the wine’s production in the fermentation stage. The wine expresses a citrus taste on the palate with notes of raspberries, cherries, strawberries, and red fruits.

Many people are curious about whether Rose wine is sweet or dry. Rose wine can be anything from sugary sweet to bone dry.

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