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Prosecco Wine Prices in Kenya

About Prosecco

Prosecco is a light-bodied and crisp wine from white grapes called Glera. The drink may also have Chardonnay and Pinot Noir as its other ingredients. Prosecco is available in the sparkling style, making it an ideal celebratory drink, and a worthy alternative to Champagne when under a tight budget.

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How is Prosecco Wine Made?

As with other white wines, Prosecco is prepared by fermentation of white grapes or blackberries without contact with their skins or seeds. However, what makes it sparkling is the second fermentation procedure and carbonation.

After the drink has undergone first fermentation, the vintagers add yeast plus sugar in a pressurized tank and separate the impurities. Then carbon dioxide is added or it is exposed to natural carbonation.

The carbonation of prosecco sparkling wine makes it have fine and smooth bubbles and pops when opening. The six months of fermentation also gives the wine an elegant and delicious taste.

What is the Difference Between Prosecco and Champagne?

Have you thought that Prosecco and Champagne are similar? Guess what? You are not alone because most people confuse these drinks and use them interchangeably. These two wines are identical because they are both sparkling wines, taste identical, and carry a matching manufacturing process.

However, the following are the differences between Prosecco and Champagne.

  • These wines are of different origins. Since Champagne is a signature wine in France, Prosecco is also a hallmark in its country Italy.
  • The two sparkling wines use different varieties of grapes. Champagne's grapes includes chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. In contrast, most Prosecco makers only use Glera grape.
  • Although the production of these two wines seems similar, there are discrepancies between them. The carbonation and addition of yeast in Prosecco involves tanks, while champagnes yeast is added to bottles. 
  • The flavors and tastes contradict both beverages. Champagne has a citrus, a smooth taste with cherry, almond, and toast notes, while Prosecco is a crisp wine with hints of green apple, honeydew, pears, and creamy flavors.

What are the Different Prosecco Types?

These are different Prosecco types you can find in the market. These Prosecco's styles therefore include?

1. Spumante

Spumante is the bubbling and fizzing type of Prosecco. That tells you that the drink has much carbonation. Spumante is further classified as dry or brut in nature. Brut proseccos are sweeter because of residual sugar in production compared to dry styles that have no residual sugar. There are also extra brut, extra dry, and demi-sec styles of Spumante.

2. Frizzante (semi-sparkling)

If you find an Italian brand sealed with cork and string style, know that the drink might be a Frizzante Prosecco. These beverages have less carbonation compared to Spumante. The winemakers interrupt the fermentation of this drink early before too much carbon dioxide is formed.

3. Tranquillo

This style aims to maintain the identity of a Prosecco’s wine without carbonation. The vintagers ensure there is no carbon dioxide subjected to the beverage. Therefore, you find no bubbles or fizzes in the liquid.

Where to Buy Prosecco in Nairobi

Prosecco Kenya’s market has many brands which you can find in major liquor stores in the country. Prosecco prices in Kenya are also different depending on the brands and the retailer. If you are unsure where to buy Prosecco in Nairobi, you can try our online store.

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