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About Port Wines

Port wine is a sweet red wine of Portuguese origin. The wine is typically served with dessert, but there are also dry, semi-dry, and white types available.

Port wines styles are also produced outside in other regions such as Australia, Argentina, India, South Africa, Spain, Canada, France, and also the United States, but are classified as fortified wines. Only wines from Portugal should be labeled "Port/Porto", according to European Union-protected Designation of Origin criteria. 

Production Style

Port wine is made from grapes that are grown in the demarcated Douro region. The produced wine is fortified by adding a neutral grape spirit. This procedure stops the fermentation process thus leaving residual sugars in the wine and boosting the alcohol content. Brandy is used as the fortification spirit. The wine is then stored and allowed to mature in barrels before being bottled.

Types of Port Wines

Tawny port - It is a popular fortified wine style from northern Portugal. The wine is lighter in color than Vintage Port and Ruby Port, often produced from grapes in cooler parts of Douro. This wine is matured in hardwood barrels and is slightly sweet, rich, and brownish-red. Caramel and peanut brittle, apricot, plum, raisin, and walnut are just a few of the exquisite tastes found in tawny port.

A tawny port can be aged for even up to 20 years.

Ruby Port - Ruby Port is made from a blend of red grapes that has been fortified and matured for a maximum of three years to preserve its fresh flavor and vibrant color. Ruby Port is the freshest and least complex of fortified wines, having a deep crimson hue and delicious red fruit notes.

White Port - fortified wine prepared by stopping the fermentation process of the wine with brandy, leaving residual sugars that give the end drink its sweetness. The alcohol by volume (ABV) of White Port is usually between 16.5 and 20%. A classic white Port has a golden tint, honey and nut smells, and a low acidity level. Fermentation of grapes is done without grape skins.

How do Port Wines Taste?

Port wines are generally medium-bodied with moderated tannin levels with notes of ripe musky berries like blackberry, bitter chocolate, raspberry, buttery and nutty caramel. Old ports have concentrated dried fruits notes while younger ports have a light-bodied red fruits taste.

Port wines, just like other wines are known to contain heart-healthy antioxidants. They are mostly sweet.

How to Serve Port Wine

Port wine is a versatile drink that goes well with different kinds of food. The wine is best served at the end of a meal with a selection of dried fruits, walnuts, and cheeses. It is advisable to serve Port wines at room temperature except for Tawny Ports which are best enjoyed when they are slightly chilled.

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