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About Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a red wine whose grapes are cultivated in many regions of the world. The grape is mostly grown in regions with cooler climates and is mostly linked with France’s Burgundy region. Pinot Noir has over the years increased in its popularity in making red wines all over the world as well as sparkling wines, white wines, and Champagne.

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Pinot Noir produces light-colored, medium-bodied, and low-tannin wines and can go through periods of unpredictable aging. This characteristic is associated with its possession of low phenolic compounds quantities and thin skins. Young Pinot noir wines exhibit fruity scents of cherries, raspberries, and strawberries but as it develops, more vegetal and barnyard aromas may emerge. Diligent canopy management is required during the grape’s cultivation as the grape is susceptible to viticultural hazards.

Pinot Noir tasting notes

Pinot Noir is a light to medium-bodied dry red wine with silky tannins, intense acidity, and 12-15% alcohol ranges. When aged in French oak, Pinot Noir has a complex flavor profile that includes raspberry, cherry forest floor, and mushroom as well as baking spice and vanilla.

When you open and sniff a bottle of Pinot Noir, you're greeted by scents of red fruits like raspberries, cranberries, and red cherries, as well as mushrooms.

Pinot Noir health tips

Among all the red wines, Pinot Noir is the healthiest option given that it has the highest concentration of highly touted antioxidant resveratrol, according to Benjamin Appleby (top sommelier at Abe & Louie’s). In addition to these, it has fewer calories, low alcohol content, low sugar, and is made of thin skin grapes.

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How to serve Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a versatile wine that pairs very nicely with a wide range of foods. Fruitier version of the wine pairs greatly with Salmon, fatty fish, pasta dishes, or roasted chicken. Tannic Pinot Noirs on the other hand goes well with duck and other game birds, stews such as Beef Bourguignon, and casseroles.

Pinot noir is ideally served slightly cold, around 13 degrees Celsius. The wine is best served straight from the bottle after allowing it to breathe for a few minutes, but it does not need to be decanted. To best enjoy its aromas, drink your favorite pinot from large, bell-shaped glasses.

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