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Non Alcoholic Wines Price in Kenya

About Non-alcoholic Wines

We can all confess that at some point in our life, we all want to have a good time. Throwing a party has been increasingly popular in recent years, particularly during festive seasons, holidays, and other special occasions. Drinks are well known for their capacity to aid in the formation of memories whenever they are provided on such memorable occasions.

Serving alcoholic drinks during such gatherings is a frequent practice, leading to the notion that a gathering is never complete without the presence of alcoholic beverages. These misconceptions have led to people drinking alcohol even though they do not enjoy it. This reduces their enjoyment of the party because they only drink to avoid disappointing the individuals with whom they are partying.

Well, we have great news for such. Non-alcoholic wines are useful for those who do not enjoy alcoholic beverages but believe that juice and sodas are still outdated. Non-alcoholic wines allow you to enjoy the experience of drinking wine without alcohol. The wine must contain less than 0.5 percent alcohol to qualify as a non-alcoholic beverage. Anything more than this and the drink will no longer be considered non-alcoholic.

How are Non-alcoholic Wines Made?

The non-alcoholic wine production method is identical to that of alcoholic types, with the exception that alcohol is removed from the end product via a de-alcoholization process. The process is achieved through either filtration or distillation without affecting the wine flavors.

Premium grapes are selected for making non-alcoholic wines where they are subjected to the full wine-making process including the fermentation and aging processes. This serves in giving the wine its complexity, flavors, and tannins. The nicest part about non-alcoholic wine is that it might entice folks who don't want to give up their favorite wine flavors.

Popular Non- alcoholic Wines in Kenya

There exists a wide variety of non-alcoholic wines each with its distinct flavor profile and tricks offering you a wide range of choices to choose from. Here are some of the examples of Non-alcoholic wines available in Kenya: Martini Dolce 0.0, Chamdor Red and white, Rendez Vous brand, and pure heaven. Thirsty Oak offers a list of all non-alcoholic wine brands and prices on this page. Pick your favorite and order now.

Non-alcoholic Wines Taste Profile

Because non-alcoholic wines lack the texture and body that alcohol provides, they are lighter and less strong on the palate. They are extremely easy to drink given their smooth finish, a characteristic that makes them a popular choice. Those who are used to drinking conventional wine may take some time to fall in love with the mild flavors and alcoholic-free version due to this trait.

Non-alcoholic wines form a great option for those advised by the doctor not to take alcohol or pregnant women who do not want to give up the taste of wine just yet.

The sparkling versions of non-alcoholic wines like Chamdor or Martini Dolce can be used in celebrations with all kinds of audiences, including those who are not legally authorized to take alcohol.

Buy Non-alcoholic Wine Online

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