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About Moscato

What is so enticing on your date or birthday than having a sweet, nourishing wine? If you are fun of non-acidic and sweet vino, you might want to taste Moscato wine. 

You will also love the smooth touch and the gentle catch of Moscato.

Apart from the wine's sweet and soft taste, its alcohol content is another factor that settles well with ladies. The wine won't make you drunk as soon as you take it. That is because most Moscato wine brands are low in alcohol, as low as 5.5%.

Different varieties of Moscato grapes influence various types of Moscato styles. Hence, the most common Moscato grape is Muscat Petitis Grains and Muscat of Alexandria. These fruits come in multiple colors like red, pink, green, brown, or black.

Whatever variety is used to produce Moscato, its skin does not come into contact with the wine’s must. That is why Moscato is a white wine. Still, the sweetness of this beverage comes from its higher residual sugar content. The sweetness level of different Moscato brands depends on the recipes of the winemakers.

Types of Moscato Wine?

  • Sparkling and semi-sparkling Moscato

These are examples of carbonated Moscatos that undergo secondary fermentation. Moscato wine brands like Adi Spumante style undergoes full carbonation to become a sparkling wine. 

Moreover, there are those brands that have a semi-sparkling character. Such brands include the likes of Moscato d'Asti which undergoes incomplete carbonation. Moscato d'Asti is a Moscato sweet wine with fruity flavors and higher residual sugar. Moscato d’Asti is a popular expression of the Moscato wine type in Kenya.

  • Still Moscato

The 'still style' is part of dry Moscato white wine. The still Moscato comes from Muscat Blanc grapes. However, winemakers can use Muscat of Alexandria to make these drinks. Although these drinks are dry, they have hints of fruity and floral aromatics, which enhance their taste.

  • Pink Moscato

A touch of strawberry is what most people love in pink Moscato wine. This type of Moscato is pink because winemakers combine its Muscat grapes with Merlot.

  • Red Moscato

Having a hint of raspberry, roses, and violet notes enhances the wine's savor. Red Moscato has those notes, significantly Moscato rose that makes it sweet. However, the drink's bitter aftertaste comes from the tannins of its Italian red grape. The combination of Italian red grapes and Muscat of Alexandria leads to this wine having a dark or red color.

  • Moscato dessert wines

So sweet is the Moscato dessert wine that it will leave you yearning for more. These dessert wines are one of the sweetest wines among other wine types.

Four Types of Food Parings with Moscato

The sweet taste of Moscato enables it to pair with the following foods. They include:

  • Meat pairings- include poultry meat, fish, pork, seafood, and beef.
  • Spices and herbs: Moscato pairs well with cloves, peppers, cinnamon, cardamom, peanut, and many others
  • Cheeses- the drink combines equitably with sheep and cow's milk cheese
  • Vegetable pairings- enjoy your wine with veggies like carrots, celery, tofu, pepper, mango, or oranges.

Where to Buy the Best Moscato Brands?

Muscato wines in Kenya have become popular that they are flocking the market. As a result, making a purchase decision becomes hectic unless you research the properties of different Muscato brands. Still, another challenge is Moscato wine prices in Kenya because they vary from one dealer to another.

Therefore, it will help if you chose a trustworthy dealer like Thirsty Oak wine shop in KarenBuy Moscato wines online and get home delivery in minutes.

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