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Merlot Wine Price in Kenya

All About Merlot

Merlot is a dark-blue grape that is used in both blending and as a varietal wine (wine made from one grape variety). It's a recommended grape for blending with Cabernet Sauvignon, which has higher tannin levels, because of its soft and fleshy features and earlier ripening.

Merlot is a frequently grown grape in the Bordeaux wine regions, and it is one of the most commonly utilized grapes in Bordeaux wines. It is a well-known red wine variety with a trait that has helped it become one of the most planted grape varieties. Merlot is an international wine sold in almost all parts of the globe. You can get Merlot wines in Kenya at the Thirsty Oak liquor store.

Merlot Wine Production Styles

The international style and the traditional style are the two main Merlot producing styles. Late harvesting is encouraged in the international style to get the ripest grapes, which produces purple, inky full-bodied wines with high alcohol content, as well as powerful blackberry and plum fruit.

The traditional approach, on the other hand, entails harvesting Merlot earlier to preserve acidity and produce medium-bodied wines with balanced alcohol levels and red fruit aromas.

The Merlot Winemaking Process

The grapes are harvested from the vineyard and pressed before they are subjected to the fermentation process. Merlot can either be a blended wine or a single varietal, a decision that is made by the winemakers. They decide whether the blending will be undertaken before, during, or after the fermentation.

Sweeter Merlot is obtained when the wine is interrupted before the end of fermentation as there will be more residual sugars left. Drier wine is achieved in the case of uninterrupted fermentation. Winemakers ferment and age the varying grape varieties separately then mix them before bottling.

Merlot Tasting Notes

You're probably wondering what makes Merlot such a well-known wine with such a high rating. Merlot has a fantastic taste and flavor profile, which is an important factor to consider for anyone looking for the best wine to fit their palate. Merlot is a dry wine with medium acidity and striking yet not overwhelming tannins.

It has dark fruity flavors of plum, blackberry, and black cherry with notes of herbal and mocha and vanilla undertones. It is the fruity flavors that make Merlot an easy-drinking wine that makes it such a popular drink. Pleasing fruity aromas will strike your nose once you sniff Merlot in a glass.

How do I best enjoy Merlot wine?

To avoid the soupy, flabby, and harsh taste that comes with serving Merlot at warm temps, it's recommended to serve it at a slightly cooler temperature. Merlot is popular for its ripe, soft, and elegant nature, a characteristic that makes it easy to drink and a perfect wine for beginners due to its low tannin levels.

Caramelized roast vegetables, especially those with a sweetness hint, such as red peppers, beets, and roast squash, as well as grilled or fried mushrooms, are Merlot-friendly side dishes.

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