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Dry White Wine Brands & Prices in Kenya

Why Do You Need Dry White Wines

Serving or cooking food with suitable wine is not easy. It would therefore help if you have a taste of dry white wine that balances the food flavors, spices, and taste.

Dry white wine is an example of white wine without residual sugar. In other words, yeast converts all grapes sugar to alcohol in the fermentation chamber. However, that does not mean a dry white beverage is not entirely sweet. An experienced connoisseur can easily discern flavors and the level of sweetness in a wine.

Different brands of white dry wines have different levels of sweetness. Dry wines are fruitier than they are sweet. Although white wines are rarely aged, those that do are in oak flavors.

One characteristic that sets apart dry white wine from the sweet one is the level of acidity. This beverage has a high acidity that leads to the drink's sourness and a fuller-body taste.

What are the types of Dry White Wine?

There are numerous types of dry white wine; let's see the popular five. These types fall under two categories. These categories include the medium dry whites and the very dry whites.

Medium Dry whites

These types of white wine have a significant deposit of sugar residue compared to very dry white wine that has no residual sugar.

The medium-dry whites include:

1.      Riesling

When you want an elegant white dry wine to drink with your seafood and fish, Riesling would be the perfect wine. That is because it has various fruit flavors that build a sweet aroma. Riesling is also full-bodied and acidic. Hence it pairs with every kind of meat.

2.      Pinot Blanc

A Pinot Blanc white wine pairs well with cheese, light steaks, and seafood. The wine's soft texture, floral aromas, and crisp style enable it to balance the taste of seafood. This wine expression is rare in Kenya, but not entirely absent. Contact us, it could be your lucky day.

3.      Pinot Grigio

If you want a wine option that pairs with your chicken plate, or pasta, you may choose Pinot Grigio. This floral white wine has mixed savors of flowers, bananas, oranges, and tropical.

Very Dry Whites

The very dry white category has less or no residual sugar than the moderate dry white wine category. However, the Very Dry White wines can be sweet if they have a variety of fruit flavors that balance their sour taste. They therefore include

1.      Sauvignon Blanc

If you have been to New Zealand, you might have heard of Sauvignon Blanc. This wine is the hallmark of those countries and other countries like Australia, Italy, and the USA. France has also a fair share of this wine expression. Sauvignon Blanc’s crisp nature and citric flavors balance the vegetable's plate and seafood tastes.

2.      Chardonnay

Chardonnay is among the best dry red wines in Kenya and other countries globally. The beverage has a rich earthy, bold taste, with fruits, herbs, and oak savor notes. 

You can serve this drink with any food or take it independently.

Other popular dry white wines in Kenya include Chenin Blanc, Pinot Gris, moscato, prosecco, and more.

Where to Buy Dry White Wine in Kenya?

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