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Dry Red Wine Price in Kenya

Why Should You Choose Dry Red Wine?

Have you ever tasted Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon? If you prefer versatile and full-bodied drinks, you will love these two varietal wines. Anyway, these drinks represent a wide variety of dry red wines, both varietal and dry red blends. Red dry wines are the most popular and fans’ favorite class of wines alongside the White dry brands.

These drinks have a higher precision of tannin and a low level of sweetness. They provide better nourishment when paired with acidic, spicy, or delicious foods like meat stake. Besides, dry red wines have favorable fruity notes and aromas.

Dry red wine is different from sweet red wine in the aspect that all the sugars are fermented to completion.

Most people believe that dry red wine has a higher ABV (Alcohol by Volume) than any other wine style. While this is mostly true because the completely fermented sugar adds to alcohol volume, it is not entirely true. You will find some red sweet wines with higher alcohol content than some red dry wines, especially sweet fortified wines and port wines.

Red dry wines can be aged, giving a fuller flavor, smooth, refreshing, and earthy notes. The structure is improved, giving unmatched quality that lacks in sweet red wines.

What are the types of Dry Red Wine?

Dry red wines have different varieties, but the following are the most popular types of red dry wines. They therefore include:

1.      Cabernet Sauvignon

If you want to refresh yourself after vigorous activity, Cabernet Sauvignon might be your choice. Cabernet Sauvignon has a high level of tannin and a fuller body than most varietal red wines types. There is also an enticing aroma of leathers and tobacco that Cabernet Sauvignon displays. Not to mention, they are fruity and refreshing.

2.      Merlot

When having a meat occasion, you should consider Merlot. This grape variety is rich in tannins that enable it to pair perfectly with the meat. You can also pour the drink when preparing a vegetarian or roasted dish.

The flavors of Merlot involve cherries, herbs and plums, and blackberries. Still, Merlot contains traces of cedar and vanilla savor.

3.      Syrah/Shiraz

A darker wine stands out as unique from the ordinary red ones. Shiraz/Syrah is rich and bold. On sipping, you will notice unique flavors like chocolate, tobacco, black pepper, and other spices. You will also enjoy a hint of vanilla and floral notes that pair greatly with a mellow steak and cheese.

4.      Malbec

Are you a lover of pizza? The best wine to help you sink that pizza to your belly is Malbec. Malbecs have rich flavors and acidity that rhymes greatly with pizza. You can also take Malbec with pasta in grilled meats.

Other worthy mentions in the popular red dry wine list are Pinotage, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and others.

Where to buy Dry Wine in Kenya

To get the best dry red wines in Kenya, you will need to recognize the best wines shops near you or a liquor store that delivers alcohol. Once you research the best red dry wine brands and prices in Kenya, get to the shop or buy online. Thirsty Oak gives you the freedom to buy wine online or in-store shopping from the wine shops in Karen or Gigiri. If you choose to get wine delivered, we have the fastest and most reliable home wine delivery service.

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