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About Chenin Blanc

Turn on your treasurable moments with a Chenin Blanc wine. Chenin Blanc is a versatile wine with a hint of numerous fruity and floral flavors. The winemakers extract this beverage from Chenin Blanc grapes that originated in France.

However, you can find these grapes extensively on counters like Canada, the USA, Australia, Argentina, and South Africa. The history of the Chenin Blanc growth dates back to the 16th century in France but later spread to South Africa through the hands of a sailor called Jan Van Riebeeck.

Chenin Blanc Tasting Notes

Generally, you can describe the taste of Chenin Blanc as a bright, fresh, and versatile wine. The taste of the drink comes in the following categories.

1. Flavors

Chenin Blanc has lots of flavors. Some are natural from Chenin Blanc growing and aging, while winemakers add other spices and savor in their preparation. The sensitive flavors you cannot miss in the drink are hints of citrus, melon, mango, mushroom, or ginger notes.

  1. Texture

Chenin Blanc's texture defines the drink's structure and how you feel it with your tongue. You can find the texture of Chenin Blanc to be confusing because there are brands that exhibit light texture and others a full-bodied one. However, if you age the vino, it will be light and smooth.

3. Acidity

Chenin Blanc has a high level of acids. Therefore you expect the wine to be sour and creamy. If you want to test the acidity of Chenin Blanc, sip the wine and reflect on whether you salivate after taking the beverage. Besides, the liquid's acidity makes it shine when holding that glassware under sunlight.

4. Alcohol content

Chenin Blanc expressions are mostly medium in alcohol. The alcohol content of different Chenin Blanc wine brands varies depending on the styles of the winemakers.

Pairing Chenin Blanc with Food

Poultry meat - A chicken or Turkey's meat is usually fatty and heavier in texture. You, therefore, require a full-bodied drink like Chenin Blanc. The wine is also acidic, which helps you masticate the complex fatty structure of chicken meat.

Squash - Whether you are eating a pumpkin pie, zucchini or squash, you require an acidity that mellows those foods. Chenin Blanc plays that role, and its fruity flavors complement these foods.

Moreover, if you have a dry and light Chenin Blanc, you can pair the beverage with vegetarian quiche, tuna tartare, or salad.

Chenin Blanc Styles

There are four popular styles of Chenin Blanc, which include:

  • Dry Chenin Blanc

A dry Chenin Blanc is a neutral taste Chenin Blanc drink that tends to quickly absorbs flavors out there. The wine is dry because it has no residential sugar. Therefore, the taste of this beverage is tart and full-bodied.

  • Off-dry Chenin Blanc

These drinks have a medium level of sugar compounds that makes them have some level of sweetness. The fruity flavors of pear, passion, and jasmine note further complement the wine’s savor.

  • Sweet Chenin Blanc

The savor in sweet Chenin Blanc comes from late harvesting of the Chenin Blanc grapes, which builds high sugar content. These brands of sweet Chenin Blanc also display hints of ginger, honeycomb, and tropical fruits notes.

  • Sparkling Chenin Blanc

Winemakers also carbonate some styles of Chenin Blanc. These carbonated brands sparkle and bubble on the glassware. Sparkling Chenin Blanc wines exhibit fruity and floral notes.

Where to buy Chenin Blanc Wines in Kenya?

There are many Chenin Blanc wine brands sourced from different countries. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the best Chenin Blanc wine in Kenya that strikes your fancy. 

You can buy Chenin Blanc wine online from liquor delivery stores like Thirsty Oak.

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