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All about Japanese whiskey

Japanese whisky is a whisky style invented and produced in Japan with the first commercial production being in 1924. Japanese whisky production style is more similar to Scotch whisky than other major whisky styles. Distillers sometimes even use barley imported from Scotland to produce it. However, there are some differences. Japanese whisky has a wider range of aromas with a lighter and thinner texture as compared to Scotch whiskey. Suntory and Nikka are the two best-known whisky companies in Japan with both producing single malt and blended whiskies.

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Japanese whisky was created in an attempt to mimic the style of Scotch whiskey. Japanese pioneers meticulously examined the Scotch whisky production method and attempted to replicate it and were successful. According to Japanese whisky standards, it must be distilled, fermented, matured, and bottled in the country. The regulations also require that the whisky use a portion of malted barley in its mash and water sourced from Japan.

Japanese whisky tends to be smokier, drier, and peatier and they usually come as blends or single malts as opposed to the ryes and sweeter American bourbons. The whisky is double distilled, peated barley, or malted before it is left to mature in wooden barrels. Some popular Japanese whisky brands include; Yamazaki, Hibiki, Yoichi, Nikka, Kurayoshi, and Hakushu among others.

Japanese Whisky Tasting Notes

With orange peel, white chocolate, and honey aromas, Japanese Whisky has a fruity and floral profile that is pleasing to the tongue. The drink has a mellow finish with a trace of oak, leaving your palate with a pleasant oaky flavor. Due to its production process being quite comparable to Scotch, Japanese whisky has a more scotch-like flavor than other main whisky styles. When you first open a bottle of Japanese whisky, you'll be greeted by a pleasant floral aroma with hints of cinnamon, honey, and apple.

How to drink Japanese whisky

One distinguishing feature of this whiskey over others is its exceptional ability to pair so well with food, particularly Japanese cuisine. Strong fermented, salty, and fish flavors go well with Yamazaki Japanese whiskey. Japanese whiskey connoisseurs will advise you to drink it neat or in a Highball, but it may also be enjoyed on the rocks or in any form of appropriate cocktail.

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