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Irish Whiskey Prices in Kenya

A Brief History of Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey is made on the island of Ireland. It was once the most popular spirit in the world, but its popularity began to wane in the late 1800s. Following the creation of a Cooley distillery in 1987, it regained prominence and has since been the world's fastest-growing spirit. Exports have increased at a pace of 15% per year, resulting in the development of existing distilleries as well as the construction of new ones. As of December 2019, Ireland had 32 distilleries in operation.

It is thought that Irish monks brought a method of distilling fragrances back to Ireland, which they modified to make a drinkable spirit. The spirit back then was different from today's whiskey in that it wasn't aged and featured fragrant herbs like anise, mint, and thyme as tastes. Irish whiskey has a smoother taste, whilst Scotch whiskey contains smoky earthy undertones from peat smoke used to dry malted barley in some brands.

Irish Whiskey Production Style

For a whiskey to be considered Irish, it must contain malted barley and unmalted cereal grains. The four different forms of Irish whiskey are pot still, malt, grain, and blended whiskeys. The smoother taste of Irish whiskey comes from the triple distillation of unmalted barley. The spirit is well-known for its distinct smoothness, which has resulted in a significant surge in sales and a glut of whiskey brands on the market. The whiskey must be aged in casks for at least three years and bottled at 40% alcohol by volume, according to the legislation.

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Irish Whiskey Tasting Notes

Irish whiskey satisfies your palate with a light and fruity taste with caramel and signature oak flavors obtained from aging the drink in casks. The whisky is scented with floral aromas with vanilla hints. Jameson, a famous Irish whiskey, is a soft and spicy-sweet spirit with a perfect flavor balance.

The fact that Irish whiskies are made from malt dried in kilns, rather than open peat flames makes the drink lack the truculently smoky quality found in Scotch whisky. Instead, they are smooth and light on the palate with subtle flavors.

How to Best Enjoy Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey is best enjoyed over the ice or neat in a lowball glass. It also pairs well with whiskey cocktails such as Whiskey sour, Irish coffee, and ginger. It is advisable to not drink malt whisky on the rocks, rather take it neat or with a drop of water. Drinking it on the rocks is only necessary when you are drinking blended whisky or when the sun is scorching.

Where to Buy the Best Irish Whisky

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