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All about Whisky

Whisky is made from a fermented grain mash that is then distilled and aged in oak barrels for varying periods. You will also find no age statement whisky brands. It doesn’t mean that they are poured hot from the still to the bottle. By law, all Scotch whisky, for instance, must be matured for at least 3 years. So, whether the bottle has no age statement, you can be sure that it has been left to mature for at least three years. The thirsty Oak liquor store has both aged and no age statement whisky available at the most affordable whisky prices in Kenya.

Whisky is often spelled interchangeably as whiskey. What’s the difference? Explained simply, whisky refers to whiskies from Scotland, Canada, and Japan, whereas whiskey refers to whiskies from the United States and Ireland. However you choose to spell this incredible spirit, in the end, you will get your preferred whisky type from our liquor shop.

There are many types and different classifications, giving whisky lovers a vast selection to choose from. Irish whiskey, Scotch whisky, Japanese whisky, Canadian whisky, rye whisky, single malts, bourbon, and blended whisky are just a few of the many whisky varieties available. The best type depends largely on the preferences of the consumer.

Scotland is the world's largest producer of whisky. However, Scotland is not the only country known for producing this drink; the United States, Ireland, and Japan are also well-known for producing high-quality whisky.

How to Identify a Good Whisky

Almost all beginners have the same question: how can I identify and choose the perfect whisky quality, one that will make the trip enjoyable and intriguing? Here is how you identify a good quality whisky:

Aroma - A good whisky should not have an overpowering alcohol odor. The presence of an overpowering alcohol odor quickly suggests that the whisky in issue is of poor grade.

Taste - A sip of whisky should not produce irritation in the mouth, regardless of the alcohol concentration, as this will hinder you from enjoying your bottle of whisky. The flavor of good whisky should linger in your mouth and leave your palate satisfied.

PriceExpensive whisky that you will find in major whisky shops in Nairobi like Thirsty Oak have the best quality. However, renowned whisky brands like Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels, Glenfiddich, and Dalmore, among others have affordable whisky expressions of great quality. From experience, it’s right to say the more expensive the whisky, the better the quality.

Thirsty Oak Whisky shop in Karen has the best whisky brands and prices in Nairobi.

Because different whiskeys have distinct flavors, it's impossible to give a definitive response about how a whisky tastes. Whisky has the broadest spectrum of flavors making it a highly versatile spirit.

The question you're undoubtedly asking is what makes such a large difference when a whisky is still a whisky. This variance is due to the different production procedures utilized for different types of whiskeys. Whisky is created from any grain, but different styles necessitate different mash bills; the difference is attributed to variations in the recipes. Bourbon for example should contain at least 51% corn and Single malt Scotch whisky must be made of only malted barley. Scottish blended whisky can contain any grain.

Fermentation and distillation procedures are also important in determining the whiskey taste. The processes not only create and concentrate alcohol but also play a part in flavor development. Whisky flavors can range from dry and peppery to luscious, fruity, and fragrant, depending on the fermentation methods and yeasts used. The barrels used to preserve whisky also have an impact on how a whisky tastes and the aroma. Oak is the most frequent wood used to make barrels, and the provenance of the oak has a considerable impact on the whisky flavor.

How to Drink Whisky

There are no special guidelines on how to drink whisky, thus there are no limitations on how to enjoy your favorite bottle. However, there are several things to think about that will help you get the most out of a whisky. Those who prefer it pure will suggest you drink it straight up, without any mixers or ice. Adding a few drops of water, on the other hand, will do no harm. Actually, it will make it smoother and simpler to drink.

You know your whisky and we know how to get it to you. Thirsty Oak whisky shop in Karen and Gigiri has dedicated time and resources to get you the best whisky brands from renowned whisky-producing regions. Our work does not end there. We have a well-developed infrastructure that enables us to provide whisky delivery service in Karen, Gigiri, and other surrounding areas. Visit our online liquor store, find the best bottle that strikes your fancy, order whisky online and let the drink come to you. Delivery time does not exceed 45 minutes.

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