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Vodka Brands & Prices in Kenya

What is Vodka?

Would you imagine that people created vodka spirit for medicinal purposes? If you doubt that, check the history of Russia and find out how the Russians used the spirit as an antiseptic.

Vodka in Russian means 'little water.' this term shows that the drink is distilled maximally by clean water. What distinguishes Vodka from other spirits is the drink's colorless hallmark. Although nowadays distillers have become creative in their recipes, producing flavored vodkas in a wide range of flavors. Vodka is a highly versatile spirit that makes it easy to become creative in adding flavors and other ingredients. The versatility, smooth taste, and ability to make high-strength vodkas make it a popular spirit in the cocktail world.

For whatever reason, if you want to buy vodka online, either for cocktails or drinking neat, over the rocks, or with a mixer, you will find the best vodka brands at Thirsty Oak liquor shop.

What ingredients make Vodka?

Primarily, wheat and water are the main ingredients of Vodka. However, not all wheat can prepare vodka. You, therefore, need fine-grained winter wheat to make a good quality smooth, and crispy vodka. Apart from wheat, vodka distillers can use potatoes, corn, beets, or grapes.

How is Vodka Made?

The process of refining Vodka is not easy because the beverage requires an accurate fermentation, separation, and distillation of the solution. These processes seek to produce a pure, crystal, and smooth distillate.

Initially, the first vodka filtering and distillation method involved charcoal. The Russians still use these processes presently when preparing different expressions of the Smirnoff vodka brand. When you taste Smirnoff, you can feel traces of charcoal notes.

Nowadays, there are modern methods applied in purifying and separating vodka. The typical distillation method involves a continuous distillation method with clean water. Some brewers can decide to further filter the drink by conducting multiple distillation processes. 

There are vodka specialists who use a sophisticated silver filtration system when it comes to filtering. The silver filters have a high adsorption rate that helps in filtering fine impurities.

Secondly, American distillers use a triple filtering system that cleanses the distillate three times.

How does Vodka Taste?

Have you tried different types of Vodkas? If you did, did you feel that these spirits taste different? The following are three ways you can discern the taste of vodka.

  • The mouthfeel of the drink

A mouthfeel implies how you feel about the drink's texture with your tongue. Whichevepopular vodka brand you taste, you will feel a different mouthfeel. For instance, a brand like Absolut and Smirnoff have a thick texture. On the other hand, you will find smooth and watery brands like Stolichnaya or flirt Vodka.

  • The burn you feel in the drink

If you have taken vodka, perhaps you have felt a pepper-like heat sensation on your tongue or throat. This thing happens when you drink the spirit straight without any additives. The burn or heat depends on how much distillation and filtration a drink has passed.

  • Flavors

Since natural vodka is neutral, some brands come with tones of flavors. If you find a fruity liquor, it must have undertones of citrus, vanilla, pineapple, apple, or melons. Other vodka flavors may include salmon, tobacco, or medicinal herbs.

If you wish to know the variety of tastes in different brands, you may try shops like Thirsty Oak in Karen, which has the best vodka brands in Kenya.

How do you identify a good vodka?

Since there are many types of vodka in Kenya, it can be a hassle to find your fulfilling drink. However, do not mind because this subsection will guide you on a better deal to your budget.

  • Taste Preference

Aspects like flavor, burns, aroma, and mouthfeel influence the taste or preference of a drink. It's therefore wise to choose a drink with a balanced flavor and sweet aroma. These aromas and flavors are friendly to people who dislike bitter aftertaste and burning sensation. If you are unsure which brand suits you best, try out popular vodka brands in Kenya. They are popular for a reason, mainly because their fans found something fancy about them, and you can too.

  • Quality of the Vodka

As the vodkas' varieties keep on increasing, fake ones emerge. Drinking a counterfeit product may harm your health. Hence a customer should research a genuine product's label and the appearance of a drink before buying it. One should also purchase the liquor from a trusted source with a credible reputation. Thirsty Oak is one such online source to trust in buying spirits.

  • Price

Vodka brands and prices in Kenya matter when setting your budget to buy liquor. There are numerous cheap vodkas in Kenya, but remember, 'cheap can be expensive.' You will get options for the most expensive vodka as well as affordable options. It all depends on your budget. However, that does not mean all cheap spirits are inferior. Some reputable brands like Smirnoff, flirt vodka, Stolichnaya, and others produce good quality and affordable vodka options.

Having read that, perhaps a question like 'where to buy vodka near me?' is popping into your mind. However, do not mind because you can find incredible vodkas options at Thirsty Oak Wines and Spirits shop in KarenBuy vodka online with us and our staff will respond quickly and delivers your products on time. Get your favorite alcohol delivered in minutes.

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