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Tequila Prices in Kenya

What is the history of Tequila?

When one hears about Tequila, probably the country Mexico comes into mind. That is because Tequila is only produced in Mexico, popularly in the Jalisco area. Jalisco has since become a tourist site because people worldwide travel there to see the origin of Tequila.

Tequila is made from a blue agave plant. This plant is rare and widely found in Jalisco and other tequila hubs areas like Guanajuato, Michoacán, Tamaulipas, and Nayarit. The plant was discovered back in the 16th century by Spanish colonials who had run out of brandy. Due to Tequila's taste and alcohol’s 40% content, this product became popular and spread worldwide.

What are the regulations governing the production of Tequila

A Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) sets the rules. This council requires the registration of all agave grown plants and farmers.

Secondly, the CRT controls the distilleries of Tequila by imprinting a NOM (Norma Official Mexican) number to recognize the distillery’s identity of the product. Hence, the NOM identification is something to look for if you are unsure whether your Tequila is legit.

How does Tequila taste

If you have tasted various Tequila, you would agree that it is generally sweet and earthy. There are also undertones of a bitter aftertaste and a burning sensation.

Moreover, you cannot fail to find a variety of Tequila palates like honey, vanilla, caramel, oak, or citrus notes.

In short, Tequila’s taste differs from one type to another. The taste also varies due to different distillers’ recipes in the production process, separating and aging the spirit.

The aging of Tequila is crucial in eradicating the drink's bitter aftertaste and burning sensation. An aged spirit will have a smooth and full-bodied taste.

What are the types of Tequila?

The following are the five types of Tequila in Kenya:

  • Blanco tequila

Blanco tequila is also popularly known as silver tequila. The distillate can be prepared by directly bottling it or allowing the liquid to oxidase in stainless steel or barrels for two months. Oxidizing the solution gives it a bold taste, the perfect option for cocktails. Generally, Blanco tequila is the purest form of a blue agave plant's products without additives.

  • Reposado Tequila

This spirit is aged for two months like Blanco but is not allowed to oxidize. The drink is aged in an oak barrel, where it develops a sweet and friendlier taste compared to Blanco. This tequila type displays flavors like cinnamon, black pepper, and honey.

  • Gold Tequila

This type consists of a direct distilled liquid, an aged liquid, and other additives. You can refer to this combination using one term called mixto. The additives used here may include corn or sugar syrup, which gives the drink a golden complexion.

  • Tequila Anejo

The period for aging Anejo is three years compared to other types. After three years, you will experience a smooth, fruity, full-bodied, and darker spirit.

  • Extra Anejo Tequila

Extra Anejo also lasts three years in aging like Anejo. However, water is added to this spirit at the end of aging. Hence, their solution will not be darker but crystal and soft. The content also possesses a rich taste and flavors. That is why people drink extra Anejo straight without cocktails.

How to pick the best tequila seller in Kenya

1. Research on Tequila brands available

Conduct internet research to know the best place to buy Tequila online. Since the internet will bring you various online outlets, evaluate each outlet concerning their tequila brands and prices in Kenya. It's always wise to check the legitimacy of a potential online liquor store because some are fraudsters.

After that, buy the liquor from legit online stores like Thirsty Oak. Thirsty Oak has knowledgeable staff who will advise you about the best tequila brands and the best cocktail type to use the drink for.

2. Find out the prices for every tequila type

Tequila prices in Kenya vary from every retailer, but it would help to choose tequila distributors offering affordable liquor prices. However, don't buy only the cheapest, because that item you feel expensive might be the most complimentary drink you ever wanted. Still, cheap tequila drinks usually have a burning and bitter taste that requires you to use the extra cash to buy cocktail ingredients, juice, soda, or other mixers.

3. Serve in the right glassware

Tequila is a special drink, and drinking it from a unique Caballito glass will further enhance your mood. Caballito or margarita glass has a long stem, cylindrical neck, and wide mouth. The glass curvature and lining recreate your moments when you watch the magnified fizzes of the drink. 

If you do not have special glassware to drink tequila from, it’s okay to use a sniffer glass or tumbler.

4. Types of tequila cocktails available

Since most tequilas are best served with cocktails, it's wise to buy from a seller who gives you access to information about these cocktails. Some of the popular tequila cocktails include margarita, tequila sunrise, Paloma, or matador. You can buy your favorite tequila and make tequila cocktails at home using readily available cocktail-making guides online.

Where to buy Tequila online near me is a question best answered by the Thirsty Oak online liquor store. We have all kinds of tequila brands you want at affordable prices. We also offer tequila online delivery in Karen.

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