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Brand: singleton
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Country Of Origin: scotland
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Product Description

About Singleton Whisky Brand

Diageo, a behemoth with a slew of well-known brands, isn't used to catching up to smaller competitors, but that's exactly what's occurred with single malts. Singleton's range was established in 2006 to redefine the balance. Glen Ord was introduced first, Glendullan followed and again a year later Dufftown was introduced too. Glen Ord had a massive expansion in 2014, doubling its alcohol capacity to 10 million liters as a result of the brand's success. Singleton's brand became independent in 2015, following in the footsteps of Glenfiddich and Glenlivet.

Dufftown, Glendullan, and Glen Ord, three renowned distilleries founded in the late 1800s, are linked today by the same vision: to produce great-tasting Single Malts that are exceptionally balanced, easy to drink, and deliciously pleasant from the first sip.

Types of Singleton Whiskeys

It's difficult to fathom combining whiskies from three different distilleries into a single blend. What would you start with? Is it the Glendullan's crisp orchard fruits, Glen Ord's dark berries, or Dufftown's nutty cereal notes? Everything is nicely balanced, rich, and silky smooth. None of these expressions could be described as an acquired taste because they were designed to be instant favorites. The Singletons have a 'welcoming' quality, consisting of the greatest, most appealing, and pleasurable flavors from the Single Malt Scotch Whisky spectrum.

The different Singleton whiskey types mark the whiskeys as quite versatile drinks. Different singleton brands have varying prices and unique characteristics. Look out for Singleton whisky brands and prices to make an informed decision on just the right whisky to pick in your next whisky drinking spree. 

Singleton tasting notes

Singleton attains its popularity from its sensorial, rich flavors that calmly soothes your palate. Singleton is made to be unapologetically enjoyed with every sip expressing a fruity decadence and luscious nectar. The whiskey puts more emphasis on the taste rather than complexity, a characteristic that is achieved before even the aging process starts. The result is a deeply pleasurable, very smooth, and delicious Single malt, very pleasing to the palate. 

A combination of American oak and European oak casks provides the whisky with an amazing and well-balanced smooth profile. Earthy, nutty aromas accompany the distinctive Singleton flavors.

How do I best enjoy Singleton Whisky? 

Singleton is so versatile that it can be mixed with any juice, soft drink, or sparkling water. Singleton is known for its simplicity; you don't need an armchair or a cigar to enjoy yourself. You can drink it on the rocks, neat, or strong, but mixing it with mixers or in cocktails is also incredible. 

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