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Category: cognac
Brand: remy martin
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Country Of Origin: france
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Product Description

All about Remy Martin

The brand is named after its founder Remy Martin, founded in 1924. Remy Martin takes pride in being the only Cognac house established by a winemaker. The Remy Martin family and the Heriard Dubreuil have been involved in the company’s management for three centuries now, ensuring the brand maintains its position as one of the best cognacs in the market. Remy Martin is a Cognac that ages gracefully with pleasing mature aromas. Remy is a popular drink available all over the world and obviously in Kenya in different Remy Martin brands and prices. 

How does Remy Martin taste?

A bottle of Remy welcomes you with irresistible aromas of spice and fresh rich fruit on the nose. Remy has an appealing smooth texture soothing on the palate with sweet flavors of vanilla and toffee and a dry fruit finish. Cognac can be combined with tonic or ginger ale for a simple, lengthy aperitif to bring out the pleasing notes is licorice and fresh fruit. 

Is Remy Martin a good drink?

 Remy Martin is a very popular brand loved by many from the moment it was first sold in the bars and it is still regarded as among the best by Cognac enthusiasts throughout the world today. Cognac is a perfect drink for a wide variety of occasions due to its highly versatile nature. It can be enjoyed in so many ways (neat, on the rocks, in cocktails), whether socializing with friends or even by yourself.

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