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Malfy Gin Con Limone

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Product Description

Malfy Gin

Malfy Gin is distilled at Torino Distillati in Moncalieri, Italy. Malfy has 41% ABV across all four variants in the range in all markets expect South Africa, where the range has an ABV of 43%.

How Do I Drink Malfy Gin?

Enjoy a Malfy Gin of your choice over ice, mixed with tonic and big slice of citrus fruit. Visit our cocktail page for garnish suggestions and some delizioso cocktails.

Where do I buy Malfy Gin in Kenya?

When in need of a smooth or refreshing Malfy Bottle of Gin, be it pocket-friendly or classy, Thirsty Oak got you! We have the best drinks for you at the most affordable gin prices in Kenya. We offer home alcohol delivery services in Karen and around Nairobi which takes 10 – 30 minutes.


What is Gin? 

Most people have a challenge distinguishing between Gin and Vodka. Read on to find out what gin is and where to buy the best gins in Kenya. Visit the Vodka page and learn more about this spirit too. 

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Gin is a spirit beverage made from the distillation of base grains like wheat or barley. The Gin producers first distill and ferment the grain to ethanol content. Then, these distillers add Juniper berries, herbs, and other botanicals like citrus, seeds, and rosemary. The result of this process is a colorless spirit (apart from flavored gin that has color and aromas from the ingredients used). For a spirit to be called gin, it must by law, contain juniper as one of the botanicals.

The history of Gin dates back to the 17th Century when a medical specialist in Holland designed gin from spirits by adding Juniper berries. This physician used this medicinal concoction as an antiseptic. Consequently, people started drinking the Gin from that time, and its popularity spread worldwide.

How Is Gin Made?

After the grains are fermented and distilled, the substance becomes ethanol. From that point, botanicals and other products are added to the Gin through a re-distillation process. There are three methods of re-distillation:

The steep Gin distillation method

This traditional method first involves heating the ethanol compound, juniper berries, and other botanicals in a pot. Secondly, the producers steep the botanic blends for 48 hours. After 48 hours, the producers dilute the alcohol content of the solution with clean water.

Vapor infusion method

There is no contact between the base spirit ethanol and botanical supplements here. Juniper berries and other herbs are placed in baskets above evaporating base spirits. Once this ethanol evaporates, its vapor infuses with the botanicals and condenses into a liquid. Since this solution has high alcohol content, the processors use water to dilute it for bottling.

Vacuum distillation method

The distillation process here takes in a low vacuum. Interestingly, the idea here is to subject the botanicals with a distillate boiled at a minor boiling point. Hence, the botanicals remain incompletely cooked and produce flesh-flavored Gin.

A Guide to Buying Your Preferred Gin in Kenya

Recognize the type of gins that suit you

The kind of botanicals added to Gin and the method of producing Gin influence the different types of Gins. Before buying a preferred brand, there are at least four types of Gins to note. Such types include: 

London Dry - most of the Gins you find in Kenya belong to the London Dry category. London dry gins are available globally, and people love them because of their crisp, smooth, and revealing juniper notes. They also have multiple flavors.

Plymouth - Plymouth is different from London dry because it uses more botanicals than the London type. This Gin has restrictions because you can only produce it in the Plymouth region. But its gentle and full-bodied taste makes you yearn for more.

Old Tom -When talking about one of the sweetest types of Gin, you cannot fail to mention Old Tom. Old tom uses fruity botanicals with multiple flavors.

Navy strength- if you want to try high alcohol concentrated beverages, drink Navy Strength. It would be best if you were strong enough to resist up to 57% ABV.

Other gin types include sloe gin, flavored gins, craft gins, dry gins, and other gin styles depending on the recipe of the manufacturer.

Determine the Gin brands to buy

It would help to contact a seller who has a variety of the best gins in Kenya. You may also research the different Gins in the market and pick your preferred brands. Whether you want Gilbeys Gin, bulldog, Liverpool Gin, or Tanquery, you can find them online in liquor shops like Thirsty Oak in Karen. This outlet has a collection of the Best Gin brands in Kenya.

Consider the prices of Gin.

Gins are relatively expensive. However, there are Cheap Gin brands like Gilbeys that costs as low as Kes 1500. On the other hand, the most expensive gins in Kenya give you a rare gin experience, presenting exceptional quality and perfectly balanced flavors.

Therefore, research the best Gin brands and prices in Kenya from renowned liquor shops in Nairobi like Thirsty Oak, pick what fits your budget, and request a gin delivery.

Bottom line

For efficient delivery of Gin at home, order Gin online with Thirsty Oak. Our good reputation in Gin delivery in Karen speaks volumes. When you shop with us, you get access to our best Gin price in Kenya, a vast selection of premium gins and other alcohol brands, and our 24-hour alcohol delivery service in Nairobi.