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Jacob's Creek Classic Chardonnay

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About Chardonnay

There is no tremendous excitement than swirling a wine glass with dancing silver chardonnay wine. The wine’s ripples, bubbles, and frizzes also cultivate a joyful mood. Chardonnay is one of the most popular drinks celebrated worldwide. You can grab a bottle of your favorite Chardonnay wine brand at Thirsty Oak wine shop in Karen and have it delivered to your door.

The popularity of Chardonnay can be attributed to its rich flavor and full-bodied texture. This wine pairs with every kind of food because of its neutral dryness and sour taste. The drink also smoothens in taste when aged and nourishes your throat when taken chilled. 

Chardonnay comes from green-skinned grapes. The winemakers ferment all the grapes' sugars until there is no residual sugar left. That is why Chardonnay is a dry white wine with a full-bodied character.

So, how does Chardonnay taste? 

You cannot describe a wine’s taste in one word. Factors like wine texture, aroma, taste, acidity, and tannins influence Chardonnay's taste. Other factors that determine the taste of Chardonnay are the terroir and its mode of fermentation.

  • A Chardonnay is generally dry with a bold taste. However, the fruity and citric flavors balance the crispiness of the wine. 
  • Secondly, the drink has a high acidity that instills a sour taste.
  • Thirdly, Chardonnay has a full-bodied and creamy texture. That texture pairs well with soft and salty foods.
  • The alcohol content is another determinant of Chardonnay's taste. This drink has a relatively high ABV of about 12%, which makes the wine have a versatile flavor and thicker texture.
  • Aging is the fifth factor that determines the savor of Chardonnay. Winemakers can choose to age this wine for years. The previously rich, bold, and sour taste disappears, and the vino becomes smooth and crispy. Chardonnay is known to age well due to its higher acidity that pairs well with oak and adds tannins.


Besides, this wine can pick flavors from its aging materials. For instance, after you age Chardonnay in oak, the beverage will have notes of oak and cloves. If otherwise, you store the drink on stainless steel, the wine will adopt a light, crisp taste.

How do you serve Chardonnay?

It's not about drinking a wine anyhow, but the pleasure you get from wine. Drinking that wine alone would be boring compared to drinking it with friends. The following are three factors to consider while drinking Chardonnay.

Type of glassware. If you try taking the wine from its bottle, it would be less enjoyable than taking it from a wine glass. A glass will let you smell and enjoy the wine's aroma. Hence, it would help to search for a longer stemmed glass that prevents you from warming the drink if you touch the glass' body.

  1. Temperature

It is widely believed that Chardonnay tastes well at a chilling temperature of 12-15 degrees Celsius. The drink's aromas, taste, and acidity are kept in check at this temperature.

  1. Food pairings

Cheese, seafood, and chicken piccata combine with the light and crisp taste of unoaked Chardonnay. The oak-aged wine will rhyme with crab cakes, grilled salmon, and halibut.

Chardonnay Price in Kenya

The price varies from one brand to another. There are both expensive and cheap Chardonnay wine brands.

On that note, check the Chardonnay wine brands and prices on this page to find the best wine that fits your budget. Buy Chardonnay online at Thirsty Oak wine shop where you get quality products and affordable prices. We have the best Chardonnay wines in Kenya and the fastest wine delivery service in Karen, Gigiri, and the surrounding areas.