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Brand: grand marnier
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Product Description

Liqueur History Brief

Historically, liqueurs production can be dated back to the 13th century in Italy; primarily, derived from medicinal herbs prepared by monks. Among the early liqueurs made from the traditional recipe by monks is Chartreuse, being the sole liqueur with a full natural green appearance.

Most liqueurs are made of various spices, herbs, flowers, fruits, sugar, cream, or nuts married together with distilled spirits. Although all liqueurs are produced through the alike process, the quality of ingredients used and distillation process intensity may lead to differing smoothness and taste of the drink.

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 Liqueurs may be categorized based on:

  • The manufacturer, under this category, has generic as typical blends which many manufacturers can produce such as crème de menthe, or proprietary which are particularly unique blends such as Grand Marnier and Kahlua.
  • Ingredients used.
  • Distillation process.
  • The flavor profile has the typical tastes of berries, fruit, nuts, cream, chocolate, and coffee.

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Distillation of liqueur blends

As the prime factor in the taste of liqueurs, the process entails liquid processing by boiling for a specific period at high temperatures. The steam created is passed through coiled tubes and becomes a liquid which is led to packing bottles. Variation in distillation results in different liqueur colors and strengths. Liqueur's alcohol content can be anything between 15% and 60%, depending on the type of liqueur. Cocktails liqueurs have high alcohol content while others like cream, coffee, and chocolate liqueurs have lower alcohol content.

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