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Category: gin
Brand: gordons
Sub Category: flavoured gin
Country Of Origin: united kingdom
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Product Description

All about Gordons

Gordons originated in Southwark, London, which is known for its unusually clean water. The Gin was first produced in 1769 by a businessman named Alexander Gordon under meticulous distillation and rigorous standards, a quality that has earned it a reputation as the world's most trusted and best-loved Gin. For over 250 years, the drink has retained its original distinct clear, and dominating flavor. The attention to detail has earned the Gin four royal prizes and international Gin presents, making it the most popular Gin of all time. 

What does Gin taste like?

Gordon's gluten-free taste develops into strong conventional juniper flavors, a citrus body, resin-based pine, and a menthol freshness. A sip of the drink leaves your palate with a little lingering bitterness and sweetness finish.

How do I drink Gordon’s Gin?

A question asked by many is whether Gordon can be enjoyed straight. The simple answer is yes, purists argue that it is the greatest way to drink Gin. You simply just pour the gin over ice cubes and garnish the lime wedge if desired. There is nothing more horrible than a bitter, cheap Gin, to enjoy a spirit neat it must be of high quality and Gordon is, without doubt, a high-quality Drink.

Is Gordon an expensive drink?

Gordon is instantly identifiable thanks to its distinctive green bottle, and it can be found in almost every bar. Aside from its lengthy and storied history, Gordon is an affordable and extensively made drink. It compares favorably to supermarkets' brands in terms of pricing and is available in numerous online liquor stores at various Gordons types in Kenya.

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