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Product Description

A Brief History of Glenfiddich Whisky Brand

Glenfiddich is among the world’s most popular single malt whisky. The whisky was developed in the Scottish hamlet of Dufftown in Moray by William Grant and his sons. The Glenfiddich emblem means "Valley of the Deer." William Grant founded the Glendiffich Distillery in 1886 with the help of his two daughters, seven sons, and a mason, and it is still in operation today. Glenfiddich is a family-owned distillery, which ensures that the whisky produced is of the highest quality and integrity.

Glenfiddich whisky Production

Glenfiddich whisky is a single malt scotch whisky, which implies that it was manufactured from malted barley mash and distilled in pots in a single distillery. All of the stills used in its manufacture are modest and handcrafted, and they are all maintained by skilled artisans.

 Water for the distillery comes from the Robbie Dhu springs, which are only a few meters away. Bourbon whisky barrels, rum barrels, and Sherry bolts are among the casks used to age the whisky. After the casks have been emptied and the liquor has aged, the whisky is cut with pure water.

How Does Glenfiddich taste?

Generally, most Glenfiddich whiskey expressions have a creamy, butterscotch, and subtle oak flavor profile with oak, vanilla, and orchard fruits notes. The whisky tickles your palate with an oaky lightly sweet finish that leaves you well satisfied. The whisky is well balanced and fragrant with nuts, pears, and floral scents that hit your nose on opening a Glenfiddich bottle. Beginners to the world of single malt whiskeys will appreciate the drink's added smoothness.

Different expressions such as the Glenfiddich 12 years, Glenfiddich 15 years, and even the older versions like Glenfiddich 40 years, as expected, have different tastes, structures, and complexities. The older the whisky, the fuller and more complex it is and rich in flavor. The 12-year-old of the Glenfiddich brand is the signature whisky of the brand. 

How to Serve Glenfiddich Whisky?

Whisky connoisseurs recommend taking the first taste of Glenfiddich neat and then adding a few drops of pure water for the second drink. Shake the glass slightly to combine the whisky and water, being cautious not to add too much water to avoid drowning your drink. Glenfiddich goes wonderfully with Cola and gives you that amazing feeling that a fine whisky should have.

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