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Category: gin
Brand: gilbeys
Sub Category: unflavoured gin
Country Of Origin: england
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Product Description

All about Gilbeys

Gilbey’s has its origin in England. The Gin was founded in 1857. By 1938 the brand had become so successful that it required a license to distill in the United States to meet the demand. Beam Suntory currently owns the brand. The original Gilbey’s gin is unflavored but has lately begun to produce flavored gins to remain relevant and compete with other brands in the market that have launched their flavored gin kinds. Bombay Saphire, Gordon’s, Tanqueray, and other brands are among the greatest Gilbey’s rivals. 

Is Gilbey’s a good Gin?

Gilbey’s continues to be the most popular brand given its affordable price tag, exceptional reputation as a high-quality drink, and availability. The drink is praised by many for its natural taste. No artificial flavors and colors are added yet it has managed to maintain its position as one of the best Gin available in the market. Gilbey’s Mixed Berries, and Gilbey’s Gin Special Dry, are among the most common Gilbey’s brands in Kenya. 

How does Gilbey’s Gin taste?

Gilbey’s has a prominent and identifiable juniper with an underlying medicinal and straw fragrance. Gilbey’s is harsh going down given its bittersweet orange flavor. The liquor is light, clean, and dry on the palate with persistent citrus flavors. Except for the orange, the botanicals don't last very long. Gilbey's is a good gin, but it doesn't mix well. A simple G&T should be enough.

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