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Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon

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Category: wine
Brand: frontera
Sub Category: cabernet sauvignon
Country Of Origin: chile
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Product Description

About Frontera wine

Frontera is produced at Concha y Toro vineyards in Chile. It is a versatile wine, one that you would enjoy sipping every time you feel like you need to relax and refresh. Frontera offers a wide range of flavors and sensations with the capacity to make every moment memorable, be it alone, with family, or even with friends. Despite its low-cost reputation, the drink has a loyal following of fans worldwide who agrees that the wine tastes fantastic.

Types of Frontera Wine

Frontera is a versatile wine that comes in many varieties. They include everything from Blush to boxed to red to white. Sweeter wines in this category include Twilight rose, pinot grigio, and Cabernet blush. Darker, spicier wines include Shiraz, Carmenere, and merlot. There is always something for everyone when it comes to Frontera wines, they form one of the most flexible wines. 

Tasting Notes

Frontera has brilliant violet and blue notes that entices the senses with a rich red fruit bouquet reminiscent of Plums and Cherries. Gentle tannins, Black cherry aromas, and a pleasant finish characterize this medium-bodied wine. The wine bursts with irresistible scents of vanilla, black plums, and chocolate upon opening. Frontera wine brand offers a range of affordable wine options, all available at Thirsty Oak wine shop.

Bottom line

Thirst Oak is a company that is committed to providing high-quality services to all of its customers. We endeavor to ensure that all of our customers receive Frontera of the highest quality. Buy Frontera online from us at very affordable Frontera prices in Kenya and charge us with the responsibility of having it delivered at your door. Our dedicated and friendly staff are always there for you to guide you through all the Frontera brands and prices to help you choose just the right type for you.