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What Is A Beer?

A cold beer hits different when taken in serenity or in the company of friends. Once you start off, you better have a full case with you because you can never get enough. The taste of malt and hops is so intriguing and fun to experience. Order your six-pack from Thirsty Oak and get beer delivered to your door. 

Typically, beer is an alcoholic drink that comes from the fermentation of malted grain. Malt is a germinating seed that stores significant starch. Enzymes break that starch into sugar which brewers ferment to make your favorite alcoholic beverage. Brewers commonly use barley, but wheat, rice, and corn/maize can also be used in making beer.

How does beer taste?

Generally, people think all beers are bitter. However, that is not always the case because there are sweet beers with tones of flavors. The beer's bitterness comes from hops. These elements preserve the beers and keep them fresh.

Another taste of beer is that of biscuit or bread. That taste comes from the malty element of the beverage.

Thirdly, there are factors like beer's acidity or Alcohol by Volume (ABV) that influence the drink's taste. A high beer’s acidity would taste tart.

How Is Beer Prepared?

Beer brewing follows the following processes:

1.      Malting 

Malting involves germinating grain seeds because brewers want to achieve a high starch content. Malting starts with soaking the seeds in water and waiting for them to sprout. Immediately, the seed's shoot emerges, and brewers are confident that the roots have maximum starch and enzymes.

2.      Kilning

Kilning is the process of drying the soaked germinating seeds under the sun or heat. This activity enables the enzymes to react to the malt's starch and flavors.

3.      Mashing

The dried malt is mixed with water at seventy degrees Celsius. This temperature promotes sugar conversion from starch to extract an aqueous solution called wort.

4.      Milling and separating the wort

The wort is a thick element with some uncrushed barley berries. Therefore, brewers crush and press the barley berries to produce juice through milling. The crushed seeds leave behind their husk, which must be separated from the wort at seventy degrees Celsius.

5.      Boiling and fermentation

After separating the husk, the solution is passed to a boiling chamber. Brewers boil the wort while adding hops to ensure that the hop bitterness is distributed across the liquid.

The final stage is the fermentation of the wort into alcohol. Brewers add yeasts to the fermentation chamber to speed up this reaction. The fermentation process takes weeks or months until all the sugar converts to alcohol.

What are the beer types in Kenya?

If you wish to buy the best beer brands in Kenya, it will help to know the types of beers first. These types include 

  • Ale- brewers may shorten the fermentation period by introducing versatile yeast fermenters. The fermentation of ale drinks takes place at the top of the liquid.
  • Lagers: lagers make up some of Kenya's most popular beer brands. Unlike ales that fermentation takes at the top chamber, lagers rely on bottom-fermenting yeasts. Still, Lager's fermentation period is extended.
  • Stout: These dark beverages earn their black color from unmalted roasted barley added to the wort. They have a creamy and thick texture. One popular stout brand in Kenya is Guinness stout.
  • India Pale AleIPAs drinks are the bitterest beers. That is because they have added hops for preservation and flavor.
  • Blonde Ale-Blonde Ale brands are some of the sweetest beers in Kenya. They also have a light malt taste and hops. Thirdly, the beers are crispy.

About Ciders

Ciders are technically not beers, although most people classify them as beers. Beer is mostly made from malted grains while ciders are made from apple juice. However, both beers and ciders rely on the fermentation of sugars to form alcohol. It’s only the source of the sugars that differ.

Where to buy the best beers in Kenya

Selecting a shop that offers the best beer brands and prices can be challenging because there are many beer shops in Kenya.

If you want a beer shop offering a variety of beer brands and affordable prices, choose Thirsty Oak liquor store. Buy beer online in Karen with us. We sell a variety of beers, including imported beers in Kenya like Heineken or Corona Extra, cider beers like Savanna dry cider, hunters cider, and others. 

If you don't want alcoholic drinks, Thirsty Oak also offers non-alcoholic beer in Kenya like Heineken 0.0 and different expressions of Bavaria 0.0. Get beer delivered to your door in minutes.