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A Brief History of Rum

Rum originated in West Indies. In the cultures of most West Indian islands, Maritime Provinces, and Newfoundland, rum plays a significant role. The liquor is also associated with the Royal Navy, where it was mixed with beer to form grog, and piracy where it was consumed as Bumbo. Rum was also used as a popular economic transaction medium to fund slavery, military insurgencies, and organized crime. The Caribbean, North America, and South America produce the most rum.

Rum Production Style

Rum is a liquor manufactured by fermenting and distilling molasses or sugarcane juice. The distillate is then left to mature in oak barrels. The first Rum distillation took place in the 17th century in Caribbean, when slaves on sugarcane plantations discovered that alcohol could be obtained from molasses fermentation. Alcoholic products were distilled to concentrate the alcohol and remove some impurities, producing the first modern Rum. There are various grades through which rum is produced namely; light/white rums, golden and dark rums. White rums are commonly used in cocktails whereas dark and golden rums are mostly consumed neat or straight. 

Types of Rum in Kenya

Just like all the classic alcoholic drinks, all types of rum are not similar. Climate and the ground under which sugarcane or molasses are grown determine the taste of each Rum. Some of the types of rum include; White rum, aged rum, dark rum, French Caribbean rum, British rum, and Cachaca rum.

Popular examples of Rum brands in Kenya include; Captain Morgan, Bacardi, Old Monk, Myers’s rum, Bumbu rum, Mount Gay among others.

How does Rum taste?

The taste of rum is similar to that of sugar, although the sweetness is greatly reduced during the distilling process. As a result, it's rather dry, yet it has a characteristic nectarous flavor. Rum has fruity, woody, sugar, molasses, and vanilla flavors and a smooth finish that satisfy your palate. When you open a bottle of Rum, you'll notice a nice syrupy, strong aroma with a vanilla undertone.

How to Drink Rum

Rum is finest served with a lime slice and a splash of ice or water. You can also drink it neat; whichever way you like to consume your rum is OK. When you think of rum and meat meals, you automatically think of steak. The grilled meat flavors highlight the distinctive caramelized and woody undertones of aged rum, making it a fantastic match for a steak.

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