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Product Description

About Cellar Cask Wine

Imagine taking a sweet wine like Cellar Cask Wine with 14% alcohol at a house party. You would probably be engulfed in the sweetness of the wine that you forget its high alcohol concentration. The results would be 'I don't remember anything.'

On that note, people love cellar cask wine brand because it's sweet, and fresh and activates your moods quickly because of their alcohol concentration. The wine also has a refreshing citric taste that you pair with most meaty and creamy foods.

Cellar Cask white sweet and red sweet are the best Cellar Cask wine in Kenya. These variants have gained popularity among cheap wine fans. Most Kenyans find the drink enjoyable at social gatherings and weddings. Still, if you want to unwind and relax in a tranquil environment, Cellar Cask can also captivate your moods. It is very affordable and available in 750ml and 5 liters.

How is Cellar Cask taste maintained?

Maintaining the flavors and freshness of the wine requires comprehensive value addition of grapes from gardening to processing. 

First, the winemakers plant quality grapes and utilize old crafting ways to prune and harvest the berries. Secondly, the farmers pick the berries during the appropriate ripening season. Then the berries mature under broad wood casks reserved in a cellar. Hence, if you wonder where the word 'Cellar Cask' came from, you have the answer.

The final processing methods like fermentation and distribution of wine are carried out in high-value and sophisticated means. That helps to reduce the handling of grapes and wine that may compromise their quality.

Tasting Notes

Cellar Cask white sweet wine has a crisp appearance. However, the brand has other Cellar cask wine types like red sweet wine and rose type. 

So, how does the white cellar cask taste?

If you want a drink that combines well with light dishes, consider a white Cellar Cask. This drink is light yellow in color and its smells nice with aromas of apples, pears, and green fruits. Its crisp light palate balances its acidity making it a refreshing vino.

How does the red sweet Cellar Cask taste?

Red Cellar cask is ruby red and fresh in appearance. The winemakers use varieties of red grapes and blend the wine with fruity flavors to make it exceptionally sweet. You will not experience tartness in the drink because the wine has no wood contact. Another thing to love in the drink is its hints of fresh berries which balance the drink's acidity. 

How Rose Cellar Cask does taste?

Still, this vino has a crisp and floral taste because of palates from fresh fruits, pineapples, and tropical fruits.

Where to Buy Cellar Cask Wine

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