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Product Description

Captain Morgan

Drinking Captain Morgan rum brings out the memories of youth, drinking this budget rum with your buddies at a house party. Whether you prefer taking in cocktails or neat, over ice or with a mixer, the fun never ends. The Captain Morgan brand makes things even more interesting by producing different types of Captain Morgan rum, each with its strengths.

The most celebrated Captain Morgan rum brands in Kenya are the Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Captain Morgan Dark Rum, Captain Morgan White Rum, Captain Morgan Black spiced rum, and the Kenyan-made Captain Morgan Gold rum. The Kenyan Captain Morgan Gold is the cheapest rum of all the brand’s expressions in Kenya. Get the best Captain Morgan prices in Kenya at Thirsty Oak liquor store in Karen and Gigiri.

The recipes for the Captain Morgan rum brand are tried and tested, creating a world of insanely delicious drinks that suit all seasons. The expressions also allow you to get creative in creating classic rum cocktails.

In the Captain Morgan brand, there is the Spiced Gold Original. It’s the brand’s icon, representing what a true rum experience should be like. It is flavored with vanilla and other natural flavors and spices resulting in an irresistibly sweet spirit with a subtle spiced flavor. The versatility of this spirit is unmatched. Make it hot, or cold. Sweet fruity or even creamy. It has limitless possibilities in what it can be. One thing is for sure, it will create memorable experiences.

The Original spiced rum is not the only expression in the Captain Morgan range. The rest mentioned earlier pack a punch of their own. They can be enjoyed in cocktails, neat, or on the rocks. The purity and quality are replicated in all the expressions. So, whichever you choose, expect to be wowed.

A Brief History

Captain Morgan brand is named after Sir Henry Morgan, who was a known pirate of the Caribbean. He was so admired by the Royal British navy that they adopted the slogan “live like the Captain”, which is imprinted on the Captain Morgan rum label.

Captain Morgan was established in 1944 by Samuel Bronfman, who was then the CEO of the Seagram drinks company. Bronfman then bought the Long Pond Distillery from the Jamaican government. One of the clients of Long Pond Distillery, the Levy Brothers of Kingston, was buying raw rum from the distillery and then added medicinal herbs, and spices, aged the rum, and then bottled it. Bronfman liked the recipe and bought the rights to it, which formed the base for the Captain Morgan rums.

How it is made

Like all rums, Captain Morgan is made from Cane sugar or molasses, then matured in oak. The recipe involving the use of spices and herbs and then aging in oak influences the character and imparts unique flavors. The taste of all the Captain Morgan ranges depends on the aging period, the type of yeasts, and maturation conditions. The golden color in the Original Spiced rum is a result of years of aging in oak.

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