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calvet brut rose sparkling

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Brand: calvet
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Country Of Origin: france
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Product Description

Calvet Brand

Calvet is an authentic and contemporary brand, offering a balanced range of fine wines, made in different styles: traditional as well as modern, even innovative.

Founded in 1818, CALVET is a key player in the Bordeaux wine industry and a leader in many international markets.

The Calvet signature is appreciated in more than 137 countries.

Calvet, the reference in French wine, in the heart of the regions. Calvet is present in all the regions of France to make you discover the diversity and richness of the French terroirs.

It is a real invitation to travel, a tour of France's vineyards. Discover Calvert’s appellations throughout the different regions of France.

How to Take Calvet – Tips from the owners

Whatever your mood, your time or your place, there is always a complex wine. Discover the advice from our Oenologists to choose, conserve, or savor your favorite wine simply or in original way. Gastronomy and Oenology are two inseparable sciences. The best way to savor a wine is to pair it with an appropriate dish.

Here, some advice to make it easier:

·      A white wine precedes a red wine

·      A dry wine precedes a sweet wine

·      A light wine precedes full-bodied wine

·      A simple wine precedes a complex wine

·      A young wine precedes an old one

 Usually, dish is planned first and the choice of the wine is based on the dish.

·      A simple meal, a simple wine

·      A unique meal, a unique wine

·      A light dish, a light wine

·      A rich meal, a fresh wine

·      A spicy meal, a powerful wine

·      A local dish, a local wine

·      Fancy dish, a fancy wine


Whereas, it is only advice, because wine, is not about one combination. Remember that harmony depends on your taste. Calvet proposes to discover its favorites pairings.


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