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Bombay Dry Gin 750ml

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Category: gin
Brand: bombay
Sub Category: london dry gin
Country Of Origin: england
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Product Description

All about Bombay Gin

Ivano Tonutti, a botanist, created Bombay Gin. The Gin embodies all of the elements that make it a remarkable drink: innovation, imagination, and high standards. Bombay Gins are made using high-quality ingredients, including up to 12 botanicals utilized in the distillation process.

 Ordinary gins use directly boiled botanicals to generate their characteristics. However, the vapors of Bombay are imbued with rich aromatic tastes from the botanicals as they rise. This infusion procedure serves to give the Gin its amazing distinct flavors. As the diverse botanicals each have their specific quirks, the outcome is a distinctively smooth, nuanced, delicious Gin taste.

What does Bombay Gin taste like?

The nearly vanilla sweetness of Bombay Gin is indicative of wheat-made Gins, particularly the red winter wheat. The drinks in the Bombay brand welcome you with a creamy angelica stalk, juniper, and a butter lemon pith and blends into notes of a warm baking spice towards the finish. Bombay Sapphire, Bombay Dry gin, Bombay Bramble, and Bombay blanche are some of the popular types of Bombay in Kenya.

What makes Bombay Gin distinguishable?

Bombay Gin is one of the most popular high-quality Gin in the market thanks to the carefulness and craft involved in the production process. It is one of those gins with a classic gin flavor without being overpowering, making it great for putting into a gin cocktail. The key distinguishing feature of Bombay gin is the natural vapor infusion process which plays a vital role in the overall taste and characteristics of the gin. 

Bottom line

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