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All about Blended Whisky

Blended whisky is manufactured by combining various types of whiskies. Unlike single malts, blended whiskeys can be sourced from different distilleries and then married together to form a balanced, unique, and rich in flavor spirit.

In the whisky world, there is a false assumption that it is inferior to single malt whisky. This assumption stems from the idea that blended whisky was created to make the distilling process more profitable for distillers. Blended whiskey connoisseurs would tell you that the beliefs are skewed and wrong since they have witnessed the whisky's distinctive magical trick. Of course, there are low-quality blended whiskeys that combine high-quality single malts with low-quality whiskeys. Others use additives and coloring agents to give color and flavor. High-quality blended whiskeys from reputable brands never go this low. You will identify them from pricing, where good quality is more expensive than the cheap and low-quality whisky types.

High-quality blended whisky can be categorized into blended grain scotch whiskey, blended Scotch whisky, and blended malt whisky. Only malt whiskeys are used to make blended malt whisky, and it can be aged for up to 8 years depending on the age of the youngest single malt whisky used in the blending process. The “malt” part indicates that the whisky is made from malted grain. 

 Blended Scotch whisky, utilizes a significant amount of different malt and grain whiskies from varying distilleries which are then combined to come up with a compatible character different from bottle to bottle. Malt whisky percentage in the blend may vary from 10% to a maximum of 50 %. Whiskies in the blend must match up to the minimum aging specifications outlined in the age statement. Blended Scotch whisky translates to 90% of the whisky made in Scotland and is the most common type. 

With the exception of malt whiskies, blended grain whiskey is created by combining two or more single grain whiskies.

Tasting notes

Blended whiskies have varying tastes, flavors, and aromas given the different blending styles employed to come up with the whisky. Canadian club for example has a medium-bodied with notes of anise and barley sugar aroma with a scent of spice and rum with dark sugars notes. A pleasant taste satisfies the palate with a moderately sweet finish. Jameson Irish whisky on the other hand contains magical butter and subtle oak tones with a sweet fragrance with a spicy and honey finish.

Other types of blended whiskies with amazing flavors include Johnnie Walker whisky brand, Chivas Regal whiskeys, and Hibiki. A good whisky should create a lasting impression, and you must allow it to do so. Allow the lovely scents of your favorite blended whisky to interact with your nose before taking a sip and swirling it in your tongue before swallowing. Try to identify different flavors and aromas. That’s the whole fun of drinking whisky.

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How to drink blended whisky

The ideal way to enjoy your bottle of blended whisky is neat, with every swig or two sips carefully clearing your palate. Adding a few drops of water to your whisky glass will also help to release the flavors and clam the strong alcoholic punch. Test both ways to see which one works best for you. Blended Scotch whisky is best served at room temperature, with a small amount of water added to give it a well-rounded flavor. If you prefer a cool scotch, fill your glass with ice and pour your whisky rather than adding cubes into the whisky.

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