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Bella Vino Sassy Sweet Red

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What to Know About Red Sweet Wines

The natural sweetness in wine makes people prefer it over beer or spirits. However, some people are only aware of the red dry wines. But did you know there are sweet red wines, lenient to your taste buds and at the same time giving you the wine experience that you crave?

Sweet red wine has a smooth and floral taste. Sweet red wine is enhanced by fruit flavor and sometimes herbal spices and honey.

There is also a belief that people get drunk faster when consuming sweet red wine. There might be some truth in that. Due to the sweet taste, people tend to take higher volumes and hence get drunk faster. The drink's sweetness will make you yearn for more, forgetting that it still has an alcohol content of more than 5%. Some even go as high as 10%.

Why are some sweet red wine types sweeter than others?

Since all the red wines are made from black grape berries, it’s logical to expect their tastes to be constant. But why are they not? Every winemaker has their own recipe. Different brands will have different residual sugar levels hence the variance in the level of sweetness.

There are also other ways winemakers can make the wine sweeter. They include:

·      Adding more sugar to the wine's fermentation chamber. Most low-quality sweet wines are made this way. They are usually very cheap.

·      Intentionally stopping the fermentation process before all the grape's sugar is broken down. 

·      Using brandy to fortify the wine and consequently making a fortified wine.

·      Choosing grapes possessing higher sugar content.

·      Picking the overstayed ripen berries on the vine.

·      Using berries attached to their vines enables less dilution of their sugars.

·      Using grapes with noble rot, a disease of the grapes that makes them appear withered, but usually with very high sugar content. The rot is harmless to humans.

What are the Types of Red Sweet Wines?

Any type of red wine can be a sweet wine as long as all the sugar is not allowed to ferment. However, most varietal wines (wines made from a single grape) are sold as dry wines. Most sweet red wines are a blend of several grapes.

Choosing the best red sweet wines in Kenya is a hassle because they are numerous in the market. However, look for the sweet red wine prices in Kenya to know which you can afford. Sweet red wines are very affordable, especially sweet expressions of popular brands like 4th street, Four Cousins, Asconi, Blackbird, and Birds & Bees.

At Thirsty Oak Liquor store in Karen, we have knowledgeable staff who will guide you in buying the best sweet red wine. Our online liquor shop also has a blog section where you can read guides on wines and other alcohol types in Kenya. We have a collection of sweet red wine brands and affordable prices. Buy sweet red wine online and enjoy our home wine delivery service in Karen, Gigiri, and the surrounding areas.

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