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Beefeater Pink Gin

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Category: gin
Brand: beefeater
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Product Description

The Beefeater Gin Brand

Beefeater is a household name in the world of gin. It is a famous drink and one of the best tasting gins due to its unique traditional style, its widespread availability, unique bottle, and exceptional taste with its amazingly pleasing flavors obtained from the nine botanicals used in the gin’s production process. Beefeater is a world drink being sold across almost all bars in the world and is available in liquor stores at different Beefeater brands and prices in Kenya.

A brief history of Beefeater gin

The Beefeater Gin brand was founded in 1835 by a pharmacist named James Borough, with the first batch being produced in Chelsea's Cale Street distillery in 1876. Gin's popularity grew quickly, necessitating the construction of a larger facility to satisfy demand. Pernod Richard now owns the Beefeater, which moved to its current location in Kennington.

Beefeater tasting notes 

The beefeater introduces itself with a special roundness expressed on the palate, originating from the licorice, coriander, and bitter darker citrus rind notes. The finish is medium in length with pine-tingled juniper notes, freshly grounded coriander, and a lemon zest. As the gin fades it leaves behind a gentle warmth on the palate. The quality of the gin to be a strong drink but at the same time maintaining a smooth and moderate texture at a 47percent ABV is exceptional. 

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