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Brand: asconi
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Country Of Origin: moldova
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All about Asconi

Asconi wines are produced in the Puhoi District of Moldova's center zone. The winery began as a family business and continues to be so today. It is one of Moldova's most modern wineries, employing the most cutting-edge equipment and winemaking processes while maintaining its original ideals to produce one of the top wine brands. The Asconi winemaking style is one-of-a-kind, infused with a passion for life, love, and wine.

Asconi is quite a versatile drink with a wide varieties of wines ranging from white brands, fortified wines, dessert ice wines, dry reds and roses. They all have unifying unique characteristics, consisting of a deep red colors with Pomegranate tones and a great mix of chocolate, tannins and vanilla flavors. Asconi is available worldwide at different Asconi brands and prices.

How does Asconi wine taste?

Asconi red wines have a characteristic velvet smooth flavor in the mouth and a long exquisite woody characteristics finish. Asconi is full-bodied and matured in oak barrels, primarily from French oak, American and Hungarian Oaks, in an effort to create a complex and flavor harmony, their white wines in other hand are often light and fragrant.

 Dessert red wine crafted from a blend of grapes is widely regarded as the benchmark for sweet wines. It has completely red color appealing to the eye with scents of ripe cherries and dried fruits. The aftertaste sticks with you for a long time leaving you with an unforgettable impression. It comes with no surprise that a large number if international wine aficionados have fallen in love with these wines.

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