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Product Description

Absolut Vodka

A highly versatile drink makes the drinking experience all fun and glorious. Imagine having a drink, on itself, that is of the purest standards and can mix appropriately with popular mixers and makes the best cocktails. We just described Absolut Vodka. In all its series, Absolut vodka brings out the fun in cocktails and mixed drinks. The Absolut varieties are pure, smooth, and of the best quality.


This would be the perfect time to say that you can get all the expressions of Absolut Vodka online at Thirsty Oak. We have the best Absolut vodka prices in Kenya and the best quality drinks. If you need to know more about Absolut vodka, read on.


About the Brand

Absolut vodka is a Swedish brand, produced in Southern Sweden near Ahus. The brand was founded by Lars Olsson Smith, a parliamentarian and an entrepreneur in 1879. L.O. Smith used fractional distillation to produce liquor without fusel alcohol. He named the spirit Absolut Rent Brannvin, which means Absolutely Pure Vodka. This was a much-improved vodka that was highly affordable compared to the monopoly product at the time.

When the vodka was introduced in the United States in 1979, the old name Absolut was picked up and the vodka was officially named “Absolut Vodka” till now.


Currently, the brand is owned by the Pernod Ricard Group since 2008. It is among the best-selling vodka brands in the world, and is sold in over 120 countries, Kenya included.


Absolut vodka is made under one-source philosophy, which means, wheat and water are sourced from one region – around Ahus Village. The vodka is made from winter wheat and has no added sugar. It is distilled using Carbon dioxide neutral distillation. A combination of these production characteristics achieves a distinct clean character and a natural taste that has kept this vodka brand in the winning circle of the best vodkas in Kenya and the world.


Absolut Vodka brand does not shy away from creating daring and exclusive vodka expressions, an ever-growing range gaining popularity in staple bars, restaurants, and home bars worldwide. The spirit has redefined the premium vodka landscape, revolutionizing cocktail creation, and launching the best range of flavored vodka ever seen before in the global market.


Here at Thirsty Oak, you can discover a range of the most popular Absolut Vodka flavors, and experience for yourself what is regarded as the true taste of vodka on the planet.

Absolut Brand is a proud cultural collaborator, linking the ancient and the modern, bringing the purity of ages and the purest and sustainable vodka essence appreciated across the globe.


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