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All You Need To Know About Champagne

Have you ever tasted or heard of the wine called Champagne? Champagne may not be a new term for people who like going to weddings, birthdays, or parties. Many people like Champagne because of its bubbling content and its sparkling luster.

Winemakers use a variety of grapes to make Champagne. These type of grapes includes Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir in different proportions.

Although Champagne is a unique delicious drink, not everybody can produce it. There are given jurisdiction that only cites France as the only place to make the wine. The reasons are that France has a territory called Champagne, where winemakers first produced this Champagne wine.

Typically, Champagne is a type of sparkling wine. Winemakers produce sparkling wine using double fermentation criteria with carbonation. Perhaps that's the reason why these drinks sparkle.

Nevertheless, you cannot term all Sparkling wines as Champagne. The reason is that if you produce a Sparkling wine in another region rather than Champagne in France, jurisdictions restrict you to name that brand Champagne.

How is Champagne Different from Ordinary Wine?

Since many people confuse Champagne and wine, it would be wise to know what makes Champagne special

  • Wine is produced under a single fermentation of grapes method, while Champagne goes through double fermentation grape juice, a technique known as Methode Champenois. This technique also requires that Champagne be produced from primary grapes including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, that must originate from the Champagne region of France.

  • Most Champagne are non-vintage but there are a few champagne brands like Dom Perignon that produce vintage champagne.

  • The alcohol content of Champagne is around 12-13%, while for wine, it can go up to twenty percent, like the case of port wines and fortified wines.

How does Champagne taste?

Since Champagne undergoes double fermentation, it exhibits a smooth, full-bodied, and crisp taste. There are also notes of lemons, almonds, and toasts in the drink.

The acidity level of Champagne makes it taste sour and tart. However, such taste can be neutralized when aging the drink.

When you open the drink, sweet aromas of citrus and apple flavors greet your nose.

Other flavors you can add in Champagne may include vanilla, apple, nutty flavor, and citrus palate.

Another determinant of Champagne's sweetness is the sugar solution added to it in the double fermentation stage. Therefore, the following are the terms that indicate the sugary level of Champagne. Hence the types of Champagne include:

Brut Nature: this solution is dry with no sugar. Hence, three grams are added to every liter.

Extra But: a slightly sweeter drink with sugar added six times

Brut: still a dry wine but added up to twelve grams of sugar

Extra Dry: twelve to seventeen grams added of sugar per litre

Sec: seventeen to thirty-two grams added of sugar

Demi-sec: added with a thirty-two to fifty grams per litre.

Doux, sweet, Dulce: added with fifty grams of sugar to make it the sweetest.

Other terms you may find in Champagne include:

Blanc de Blancs: Champagne made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes.

Vintage Champagne: champagne made from grapes from one year’s harvest.

Non-vintage Champagne: comes from blends of base wines from different harvest years and usually aged for at least 15 months.


How to choose a suitable Champagne in Kenya?

1.     Check the available Champagne brands

If you want to choose the best Champagne in Kenya, choose the famous brands. Popular examples include Dom Perignon, Ruinart, Moet and Chandon Imperial, Veuve Clicquot, and many others.

Choosing the right brand from a variety can be a hassle. Therefore you need a wine specialist to advise you. If you visit a wine shop like Thirsty Oak, you can find a collection of Champagne brands and a person who will help you choose one.

2.     Evaluate the value of the drinks

Since there are many Champagne brands, they have different prices. The most expensive Champagne in Kenya like Ace of Spades, Dom Perignon and others requires a bigger budget. On a tighter budget, there are good affordable Champagne in Kenya from reputable brands that will satisfy your champagne urge.

Champagne prices in Kenya varies depending on the retailer. It is advisable that you do your research and find the best wine shop with reasonable prices. Try out Thirsty Oak in Karen and Gigiri.

3.     Perfect champagne for a cocktail lover.

If you serve Champagne with a cocktail, you will enjoy the flavor and activate your moods. This gesture is also romantic, especially if you have a date. Hence, search for the Champagne that makes great champagne cocktails like Mimosa. If you want to prepare a cocktail at home, check out these cocktails recipes.

It would help to buy Champagne online at a wine shop like Thirsty Oak that diligently respond to your needs. Our online liquor store also has a good reputation in Champagne delivery in Karen. Hence, you may trust us to deliver the wine to your doorstep.

 Moreover, you are welcome to check our Champagne brands and prices anytime in our outlets in Karen and Gigiri.






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