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Brandy is a spirit prepared from the distillation of fermented wine that is stored in oak barrels and aged for varying amounts of time. It is a well-known drink, comparable to whisky, and is among the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. Brandy originated in France, where it was originally distilled but intended to be used for medicinal purposes. It was dubbed "water of life," a moniker it has kept to this day. The term stemmed from the assumption that it had nourishing and sanitary properties, which Brandy lovers claim the current Brandy still has. Whether that’s accurate or not, we are here to get you the best Brandy to tickle your palate. Buy Brandy online at Thirsty Oak liquor shop and enjoy our fast home alcohol delivery in Karen, Gigiri, and the surrounding areas.

Brandy has a fruity and delicately sweet flavor, which leaves your mouth with a pleasant fruity aroma and lingering sweetness on your palate. The spirit may also have oak flavors, which come from maturation in forested oaks for at least two years. When you open any bottle of Brandy, the woody and smoky scents of a well-aged Brandy greet your nose.

There are many types of brandy, each with its own distinct flavor and aroma due to the varied processes and recipes employed to prepare the drink. Brandy is a versatile drink and can be enjoyed by anyone best when served at room temperature. The drink is known to contain anti-oxidants in form of polyphenols that have health benefits. Thirsty Oak liquor store has among the best brandies in Kenya.

We take a great effort to ensure that all of our drinks, including your favorite bottle of Brandy, are of the highest possible standard. Our main goal is to make sure that our clients love their favorite drink and that it is delivered to them as quickly as possible. Get the best brandy prices in Kenya at Thirsty Oak. We have regular offers on our products and discounts for our loyal customers Get Brandy delivered in Karen in under 30 minutes.

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